SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners Review: Too Good to Be True?

Adults with an active lifestyle may be put off by having to wear aligners 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nighttime Aligners from SmileDirectClub sound interesting. But do you think they’re a good match for you? It’s a useful tool for summarizing the most critical considerations.

If the thought of wearing aligners while you’re out and about – whether it’s at your workplace, with friends, or on a date – makes you nervous, you’re not alone.

They only need to be worn for 10 hours instead of the usual 22. SmileDirectClub’s Nighttime Aligners have been the subject of our investigation to get a more complete picture of this cutting-edge treatment approach.

Are the Nighttime Aligners sold by SmileDirect genuine?

When it comes to transforming your smile quickly, they may not be the best choice for you. The Nighttime Aligners from SmileDirectClub are a great option because they are both effective and safe.

Treatment speed is an important consideration when making a trade-off. This procedure is suggested for adults who have minor crowding, distance, or even other dental inconsistencies. Straightening your teeth with SmileDirect’s Nighttime Aligners will take double as long.

What’s the Difference Between Daytime Aligners and Nighttime Aligners?

Even though the SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligner therapy schedule differs significantly from the company’s standard schedule, it nevertheless works. These are the same aligners you’d use for a 22-hour-per-day treatment schedule.

The aligners you’ll use at night are identical to the ones you’ll use during the day. As an alternative to only using each set for a week, you could extend the timeline by two weeks.

However, Nighttime Clear Aligners allow you to safely straighten your teeth over ten months by wearing them for just ten hours each night.

According to SmileDirectClub’s client service, their Nighttime Aligners are similar to normal ones, with the exception of their everyday wear timeline, which really is distinct.

Benefits of Using Nighttime Alignment Devices

Is there anything more convenient than straightening your teeth with clear aligners while you sleep at night? Here are a few benefits to consider: Aligners that can only be worn at night are a major improvement in terms of comfort.

1) No one should be aware

Interested in receiving care that is as discreet as possible? There’s no denying that clear braces are more discreet than the old-fashioned metal ones. They aren’t imperceptible, and they can occasionally produce a slight lisp as a side effect.

Today’s clear aligners are virtually undetectable unless you get up connect and personal with your smile. When no one is looking, you’ll only wear your aligners at night.

If you only use it at night, you won’t have to worry about what to wear to work, social events, lunch dates, or other daytime outings and gatherings.

2) Drinking And Eating without stress

You must take out your aligners every moment you eat so that they can be cleaned. Unless you’re intermittent faster, you probably eat several times a day.

Once you’re done, be sure to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before re-inserting the dentures.

You’ll have to take your aligners out and put them back in a lot. So, after dinner, just pop ’em in and leave ’em there until the next day. This can be avoided by using Aligners at night if you’re not a frequent midnight snacker. 

3. Convenient For Adding To Your Evening Routine

Consistency with your aligners is easiest when you have a routine in place. You run the danger of your aligners not fitting properly any longer. This level of consistency is critical to the success of your treatment, regardless of the provider you select.

As a result, your treatment may need to be extended by numerous months, and you may have to make costly adjustments to your original treatment plan. Nighttime Aligners can easily be incorporated into your bedtime routine, regardless of whether you’re an early bird or a night owl.

To put it simply, Nighttime Aligners make it a breeze to stay on track with your goals. Simply put your aligners in and go about your nighttime after brushing and flossing your teeth. Take off your aligners in the morning and carry on with the rest of your day as usual. Shower, put on some makeup, read a book or write in your journal before climbing into bed.

Are Wisdom Teeth Still An Issue When Using Smiledirectclub?

When it comes to using SmileDirectClub if you still have wisdom teeth, the company is vague. Purchasing an impression kit is a good place to start if you still have wisdom teeth.

Using aligners after having your wisdom teeth removed requires a six-week wait.

SmileDirectClub will reimburse you for the cost of the impression kit if you don’t qualify for aligner treatment. A licensed dentist or orthodontist will then evaluate your case and determine if aligners are the best option for you.

Is Using Aligners At Night As Effective As Using Them During The Day?

Evening aligner treatment is just as effective as daytime treatment at transforming your smile. Yes, in terms of your outcomes. Because you’ve worn your aligners for a shorter period each day during the nighttime treatment, your progress will be slower.

SmileDirectClub may not be the best option if you need in-person consultations with an orthodontist for more serious dental issues.

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